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Members of the Schulte Lab

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Group Leader

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes H. Schulte

Pediatrician, Specialized physician for pediatric oncology and hematology

CVK: Campus Virchow-Klinikum

Prof. Johannes Schulte

Group Members


- Dr. med. Annette Künkele

- Dr. med. Anton G. Henssen

- Dr. med. Anna Bohrer

- Dr. med. Ailine Gottlieb

- Dr. med. Steffen Fuchs

- Dr. med. Falk Pentek

- Dr. rer. nat. Falk Hertwig

- Dr. Jörn Tödling

- Dr. Filippos Klironomos

- Dr. rer. nat. Kristina Althoff

- Dr. rer. nat. Annika Sprüssel

- Dr. rer. nat. Sven Lindner

- Dr. rer. nat. Theresa Thor

- Andrea Odersky (BTA)

- Melanie Baumann (BTA)

- Natalie Solomentsew