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Third party funding in consortia

European Union - Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network (ITN)

  • Validation of Actionable Genomic ABerrations in a paediatric Oncology Network for Doctorate students, fundig starts 2021

German Cancer Aid

ENABLE: Enabling MYC family protein druggability, funding since 2018

Berlin Institute of Health

  • BIH Collaborative Research Grant TERMINATE-NB: From Cancer DiagnOMICS to Precision Medicine: Model Neuroblastoma, funding period 08/2015 - 07/2019

Project funding

Else Kröner Fresenius Stiftung

  • A CAR- T cell approch for solid tumor attack using neuroblastoma as a model (CASTAN), funding since 2018

German Cancer Aid

  • Improving Precision And efficacy of L1CAM directed CAR T cell tumor therapy by antigen-induced CAR expression (IMPACT), start 2021

German Cancer Consortium

  • Developing an off-the-shelf cell product for tumor-specific enhancement of inflammation and checkpoint inhibitor responsiveness; in cooperation with PD Dr. Sebastian Ochsenreither, since 2018

Personal funding and stipends

Clinical Research Grant for Dr. Künkele

  • since 2015

Scholar Award of the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation for Dr. Künkele

  • since 2015 - 2019

Junior Clinician Scientist Grant for Dr. Zirngibl

  • since 2017 - 2020

BSIO Fellowship for Laura Grunewald

  • since 2016

MD Fellowship for Karin Töws from the BIH

  • since 2017

MD Fellowship for Ornela Sulejmani from the BIH

  • since 2019

MD Fellowship for Sara Marie Ivasko from the BIH

  • since 2019

Poster prize for Camilo Faust Akl, Bachelor Colloquium TU Berlin

  • January 2019

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