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Using the body's own cells against cancer

"Our aim is to further develop the CAR-T cell therapy for leukemia and other tumors through our research as well as to establish this approach in the treatment of children."

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New hopes for the treatment of childhood cancer 

CAR-T cells in the clinic – present status

Not every child can be permanently healed with conventional therapy. Relapse of the disease occurs in many patients, who then have a much lower survival rate. In the U.S. it has already been shown that leukemia can be successfully treated with CAR-T cells, even in patients who have relapsed. We are working intensely on applying this therapy at Charité so that we can make it available for our little patients.

Our research is promising!

Our lab results are very promising so far. The photos on the right side show how CAR-T cells (blue) recognize and destroy tumor cells (red) in a short amount of time. The CAR-T cells then proliferate and build a collective ready to attack the tumor cells

Our goal is our motivation!

We strongly believe that the approach we are following, teaching the immune system how to recognize and destroy tumor cells, will bring us closer to our goal.

With your donation, you have the opportunity to gift new hopes to children suffering from cancer and their families.

We are grateful for every donation!

The bank information for donations is as follows:

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Berliner Sparkasse
IBAN: DE53 1005 0000 1270 0055 50

Please enter as intended purpose „zugunsten IA 89752076 Spenden AG Künkele“ as well as your full name and address.

You can make your donation tax-deductible.  To receive a donation confirmation (only for donations over 200 euros) please fill out the following information (only available in German) and send it to the listed contact person. For donations under 200 euros, submission of the money transfer slip to the finance office is sufficient.


Our donation flyer for download (only available in German)

The AG Künkele would like to thank all donors

Donation in the course of the 7th Private Real Estate Dinner by Moayedi Investments

We would like to sincerely thank Moayedi Investments and all donors for a fabulous donation amount. Your generous contribution brings us a big step closer to our goal of enabling the production of CAR-T cell therapy at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. We are happy and grateful.

Donation from Kinder Krebs Aktion Deutschland e.V.

Supported by: DATADRUCK Design & Printmedien GmbH & Co.KG

We would like to thank the company DATADRUCK Design & Printmedien GmbH & Co. KG, Norderstedt for the design and printing of our donation flyer.