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FeCt, Implementationstudy 2012/2013

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FeCt, Implementationstudy 2012/2013

Sustainable education about possible fertility impairment and prevention options after chemo and radiotherapy in childhood and adolescence is important, as informed patients check more often their fertility status and improve their chances of having children through early family planning, if necessary with the help of fertility-preserving measures. In addition, informed patients rarely express fears about their offspring . You can find a link to our article on this topic here:

The aim of the Implementation study is to assess if age-corresponding, gender-specific illustrated information brochures about fertility after cancer therapy will lead to a significantly improved knowledge, to reduced fertility-related anxieties and to a demand-driven increase in the use of fertility-preserving measures (eg, cryopreservation) compared to a group of patients who are informed by therapists without intervention (education as usual). Outcomes are detected by a questionnaire survey among paediatric oncology patients.